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Hello! Welcome to the official production blog for RDG Entertainment’s NEW FILM Adam’s Testament!

Our stellar cast and crew have been posting on all forms of social media including Twitter/Instagram: @adamstestament  Facebook: Adams Testament and even posting on Snapchat: adamstestament. Check them out (links of all provided below as well as on our website)  #adamstestament.

Our cast includes Degrassi star Luke Bilyk as Adam Gable, Orphan Black’s Zoe De Grand’Maison as Katia, Philip Moran as Joseph Gable, Nick Mancuso as The Stranger and Frank Chiesurin as Michael the ArchAngel. Other cast members include Kate Drummond, Jefferson Brown and Director/Writer/Producers Jason Barbeck and Rafael Kalamat as Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Rafael

At the end of each week we will be releasing a production summary of the ups, downs and crazy in betweens that come with making a feature length film. Stay tuned for these production blog updates including any upcoming contests!

Check out our IMDB page for more details on the film:




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